Rental Tips

When you are looking for a rental unit, the most important things to think about are: The dollar limit that you can afford for monthly rent, utilities and deposit. The location that you want.

Looking for Rental Units

When you are looking for a rental unit, the most important things to think about are:

  • The dollar limit that you can afford for monthly rent and utilities.
  • The dollar limit that you can afford for all deposits that may be required (for example, holding and security deposits).
  • The location that you want.

In addition, you also should carefully consider the following:

  • The kind of rental unit that you want (for example, an apartment complex, a duplex, or a single-family house), and the features that you want (such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms).
  • Whether you want a month-to-month rental agreement or a lease.
  • Access to schools, stores, public transportation, medical facilities, child-care facilities, and other necessities and conveniences.
  • The character and quality of the neighborhood (for example, its safety and appearance).
  • The condition of the rental unit.
  • Other special requirements that you or your family members may have (for example, wheelchair access).

Just because there is increasing demand for rental housing does not mean that units are not available. These tips are designed to assist renters with finding housing, even if a highly competitive market.

  • Approach your rental housing search like you would a job search. Be organized, serious, professional, and make sure you stand out as the best applicant. Preparing a Renters' resume will increase your chances of having your application taken more seriously.
  • Know what you really want, and don't want. Be flexible with the rest of your criteria. Be prepared to decide on the spot and to leave a deposit and/or credit check fee.
  • Check the latest listings first thing every day, and call early. The Best time to call the landlords is between 8:30 AM-12:30 PM, And between 3:30 PM and 7:30 PM. In the morning you will reach the management companies, and in the afternoon you will be able to reach the smaller buildings and building managers. Respond quickly when a landlord calls you back. If you have a cellular phone, leave that number and have it on while you are out looking at other apartments.
  • If you leave a message on an answering machine, be sure to speak clearly and slowly, and repeat your name and phone number. Leaving a simple message will not get you a return Phone call. If you Share with them, that you have an Excellent job, and excellent credit, that will increase your chances of a return phone call. Be available to accept or return calls, or state in your message when you will be available and that you would like to set up an appointment to view the property.
  • Keep your credit in good standing. Obtain a copy of your credit report, correct any errors, and make sure what you say in the rental application is consistent with what the landlord will see on the credit report.
  • Be prepared with all the information you need to complete a rental application: prior addresses, credit information, and a list of references. Landlords will not respond to incomplete applications. Please have copies of your Drivers' License, copy of 3-4 paycheck stubs or an offer letter from your employer or a bank Statement.
  • Contact your references ahead of time to be sure your information on them is current and they are aware you have used them as a reference.
  • Consider preparing a renter's resume. You may have to repeat the information on the application, but you will stand out as well-organized and prepared.
  • Make a good impression. Demonstrate that you will be a good steward of the landlord's property.
  • Make a few appointments in the areas you are considering, map out your locations from our system and set out to view the properties, keeping in mind the list of questions.