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Let Apartment Hunters find your next apartment

To find a place within your criteria requires some effort on your part. To be willing to start searching for your future home, merely type your reasonable search criteria. By reasonable we mean area i.e. city being example Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Irvine, etc. (our search engine allows you to enter a zip code plus a 3-mile radius, 4-mile radius, etc. in addition to just putting in a city name.) Reasonable price is equal the market rate of current properties and not a four beds, four baths by the ocean for $400.

In addition to the area, bedrooms and bathrooms please select property type, pets, and parking. We suggest that you do not click all the amenities at this time and allow the results to show up first.

Once you get results, all you have to do is call at least three landlords the first day and leave a pleasant message with your name, your current employment, when you plan to move and a callback number. Remember, some smaller private owned buildings phones will be answered by a voice mail, which means that the landlord is out at his job. So calling between 8 AM and 11 AM is very important and calling after 6 PM to 8 PM is also is also a very good time. The call with your name, job, and your phone number will get you a call back right away vs. the seldom calls we hear about like "hey, yo, I need a place to rent, give me a ring back."

Once you have made at least three appointments to see properties within your criteria three days in a row or three days in a week, please have a copy of your driver's license, a filled out a rental application (available on our site members center) and some pay stubs to show to the landlord. After you have at least nine places, if you have not found your ideal property, please immediately call us, we will step in.

At this time, we will do your search. You can use our live chat, call and customer service who will do your search, save your search, which will be sent to you by text and email daily. We will even add features like upper, lower patio, balcony. You will have your own agent following with you to make sure it is done fast.

We want to point out that it can be done in 5 days as long as we help and you make an effort. To call and ask for a refund or calling your credit is not looking for an apartment. You have joined to find the perfect home, not to receive a refund. A full a refund is always available and we stand by our refund policy even after the end of your subscription. Just focus on looking for the properties and we will help you.