What is the best way to guarantee that I get an apartment quickly?

If you diligently make appointments and go to view properties that meet your needs you will have a have a good chance that you will find the home of your choice quickly. An applicant with a good rental history and/or credit history should be able to find a suitable apartment within days with a bit of diligence and hard work. Absolutely the best thing that you can to maximize your chances of being picked for tenancy is to follow up on every lead as far as you can. Simply calling and speaking to the landlord is not enough. Landlords like being able to meet prospective tenants so set up an appointment to look at the property. If you like the property pick up a rental application from the landlord. A Rental application is not a binding agreement, and it will prove to the landlord that you are responsible and dedicated. Most landlords will charge a fee for filing the application, but it's often only $20-30. Turn in your application directly to the property owner or management company and follow up about your acceptance status. Having a prepared rental application and documents that show income and references will save you time so you can fill out their application right away.

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