Are any of my moving expenses deductible?

The moving process can be costly. However, some moving expenses can be tax-deductible

Job-related relocation. If your new job is at 50 miles away from your old job, the IRS allows you to claim some expenses as tax deductions.

Packing and unpacking expenses. Includes materials and services, such as boxes and moving services.

Transportation to your new home. Includes moving trucks, rental vans, and personal travel. Lodging is also deductible.

Moving insurance. Either standard declared value or full replacement value.

Storage. Up to a month during the relocation.

Donations. Moving is the best time to rid yourself of unwanted possessions. Toss aside everything you don't need to bring with you. If you give your unwanted items to charity, you can deduct your donations. Keep a list and approximate value of what you've donated, along with the receipt from the charitable center, and submit both items with your tax return. However, there is such a thing as too many donations.

Consult the IRS web page for specific information and to download the necessary forms.

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